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Capture your special moments forever or make your product stand out from the crowd.


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P.Louise Makeup Academy

• Production of Monthly Detailed Makeup Tutorials

• Production of Exclusive Training DVD’s

• Increased Company revenue by more than 30% over 12 Months

As a Managing Director at RDC Creative Media Ltd I lead the video team which filmed, produced and distributed regular monthly makeup tutorials on a rental basis. Rented videos quickly turned into production of multiple DVD’s which then in turn lead on to running monetised live stream Makeup Courses.

Dr Nyla Raja

• Production of Monthly Instagram Promotional Videos

• Production of a Behind the Scenes at Medispa promotional Video

• Tripling the Company’s Online Presence Helping to Gain More Clients

As a Managing Director at RDC Creative Media Ltd this project was an Instagram video based social media campaign. I was tasked with leading the video team to produce 1 short promotional video per week, and a behind the scenes look at the Medispa clinic. The companies’ greater online presence meant enquiries increased, which in turn increased revenue.


• Production of 2 Exclusive Music Videos

• Both Productions Were Shot at Night using Lowlight Cameras

• Created For one of Manchester’s Fastest Growing Hip Hop Producers

This project involved the production of 2 Exclusive music videos for one of Greater Manchester’s fastest growing music producers on the Instrumental Hip Hop scene. I was tasked with providing all pre production, filming and post production for both videos, including hiring models and location scouting.

Lovin’ Manchester

• Promotional Video for the Manchester Bierkeller

• Showcasing the atmosphere around the Manchester Derby

• Used to promote The Bierkeller across all Lovin Manchester’s social platforms

On this project I was able to capture the party atmosphere at one of the biggest footballing events in the North West. Getting people involved, hearing people’s predictions and reactions to the game before and after.

Moving Up Care

• 1 Testimonial from care leaver ‘Mo Adeniran’ winner of the Voice 2017

• 1 Staff testimonial promoting working with Moving Up Care

• Both videos featured at the Children’s Services Expo on the 10th/11th July 2017

I produced a series of videos to promote the services of Moving Up Care, a company which helps young adults aged 16-18 in the next stage of their lives as they leave the care system.


As far back as I can remember I have had some sort of camera in my hand, even when I was a kid running round on a camp site in North Wales taking snaps of the Welsh hills on my disposable Kodak, there has always been something in me that is amazed by an incredible shot.

There’s something about being proud of a shot you have captured yourself, to me there is no better feeling than looking back at something you have produced and thinking “I did that”.

I remember the excitement when I purchased my first ‘proper’ camera which was a Canon DSLR 550d, which I still use to this day as my everyday sort of throw around camera, I starting snapping away and realised that this was a totally different ball game to the cameras I had owned previously, this was a major step-up at the time for me and I loved every minute of it.

There’s something about being proud of a shot you have captured yourself.

It was only when family and friends started reacting to the photos I had taken that I stood up and took notice, everybody would say to me “you didn’t take that?…….did you?” Yes, Yes I did actually.

This was when I knew I had something, A skill, A talent, an eye for something that made people take notice and smile at what they were looking at, exactly as I did when looked back at something I had captured.

For a couple of years, I travelled around taking snaps for fun and editing for my own enjoyment really, I was working a full time job and Photography was my part time hobby, as and when I had some spare time to get out there. The streets are my playground, I love capturing the real gritty atmosphere that we take for granted every day of the week.

It was time to take my skills to the next level, so with a long standing friend of mine we started our own Digital Media Agency, he was offered his first ever Videography job and asked me if I would give him a hand, I jumped at the chance to get into the Video side of things as it was something I had always been interested in.

I actually knew what I wanted to do as a career at the ripe old age of 34.

From there we went from strength to strength, realising I also had a very good eye for filming, and coordinating a film crew.

For the next 12 months we Filmed and Produced various projects including Tutorials, Promotional Videos and Music Videos. I have never enjoyed working so much in my life and I knew I had found what most people spend their lives looking for, I actually knew what I wanted to do as a career and at the ripe old age of 34, I never wanted to float through life wondering what happened and where did the time go, so I did something about it.

Running a business is the hardest thing you will ever do, hands down.

I don’t care what anyone says, you will never have as much stress in your life as a business brings and It brought me to the decision that I had to do this alone with no other influences around me.

So here I am, just me, my camera and my eye ready to take on the world.

I actually knew what I wanted to do as a career at the ripe old age of 34.


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